The Rev. Dr. Eldon L. Irving 

Minister          Author         Speaker

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                   Author of Personalities in the Pews 
                                   (Stories of Inspiration and Humor)


In these real life stories of inspiration and humor, Dr. Irving shares his forty-three years of Christian ministry and helps the reader to find meaning and purpose in life 

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What people are saying about

Personalities in the Pews:



“In his sharing of these stories, we see a pastor’s heart and grace. Eldon Irving offers us a portrait of humanity that is real: sometimes funny, sometimes painful or even maddening, but always the portrait is painted through eyes of grace.

“This book will make you think, laugh and occasionally bring a tear to your eye. I commend it to you as a celebration of humanity and of God’s redemptive work in and through us.”

                  The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Hamm,

                  Former General Minister and President,

                  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

                  Author of 2020 Vision for the Christian Church

                  (Disciples of Christ)



“Eldon Irving’s book depicts a hopeful reality, one that avoids the cynicism that often infects the church’s life. All readers in the church will enjoy these vignettes. More important, all will learn something new, and catch within these pages a glimpse of what it really means to be Christian in today’s world.”


                   Dr. Mark G. Toulouse, Principal and Professor

                   Emmanuel College of Victoria University

            and the Toronto School of Theology

            in the University of Toronto         

                   Author of God in Public: Four Ways American

                   Christianity and Public Life Relate



      “Eldon Irving’s portraits of saints and the not-so-saintly parishioners offer insight and humor in each story. The elderly dynamo, the man who could fix anything, the boy who overcame handicaps--these are lives that touched others with humor and meaning. You’ll keep turning pages to meet each new character.”

           Alan C. Elliott,                                   

                  Author of A Daily Dose of the American Dream:  Stories of Success, Triumph and Inspiration  


      “Great stories…vignettes poignantly told with good graphic description. One gets a sense of the personality and character of the person writing--a dedicated intelligent and compassionate pastor with a developed sense of irony and humor. With each chapter, I looked forward to the next.”


                Dr. Reid Huntley,

                English Professor, Emeritus

                Ohio University

Review by Win Shields, Writer and Producer
     I read a lot of books. I rarely comment on them and especially rarely write a review. This book stands out in that it is written by a man who is obviously interested in and cares about people. This book is a collection of short stories about people who he has met as a pastor of many years. He demonstrates a tremendous ability to observe people and to size them up with true loving interest. He pulls no punches in telling what the people were like but he does it in such a caring way that even the most unfortunate personalities he describes could find no fault in his judgment.
     The book is also interesting in its insight into the functioning of the church he represented. Again, the author neither promotes nor disparages. He merely states what happened and why, thus giving the reader as close of an objective view of the church as one could give.
     I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age or background. It is short and an easy read. It is filled with humor, pain and compassion. It is the kind of book that would make anyone feel they have greatly benefited by reading it.

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